Vehicle Licensing

There are three ways to renew your tabs including in person, on-line and by mail.

In Person

If you are coming into the office in person, please bring your current plate number, VIN, and your Washington State Driver’s License, or other I.D. if you do not have one. You must be the registered owner, or have the same last name or physical address on the on-line record for the vehicle record that you want to renew. re three convenient ways that you can renew your tabs; in person, by mail, and online.

Are you letting someone else renew your vehicle? The DOL requires a signed note from the registered owner along with a copy of their ID. The note needs to specify the vehicle by year, make, model and plate number and needs to specify who can renew. If you are letting someone else renew, we can only accept cash or a check from the registered owner, or we can accept a debit or credit card from anyone.

Do you need an emissions test? Find out here

By Mail

If you would like to mail your renewal notice to us, please call first. We want to make sure that you have everything that is needed to do so and to give you the correct total for the tabs. Our contact information is:

Yelm Community Services
P.O. Box 5320
624 Crystal Springs Rd. NW
Yelm, Washington 98597
Ph: 360.458.7000
Fax: 360.458.4226


You may renew your tabs online by using one of the following links. If you process your online renewal by 2:30pm, while we are open, it will be mailed out that day otherwise it will be mailed the next business day. When you process your renewal, please remember to select one of our location, Yelm Community Services.

To Renew Your Tabs On-line:  Please be sure to renew your tabs at Yelm Community Services.   Your support helps to provide funding for the food bank.  Please support Yelm Community Services!!!

Special License Plates:
Top view the unique designs and to get informed on how to obtain a specialized plate:

To obtain a USDOT number on-line:
To obtain a USDOT number online from the U.S. Department of Transportation.  The USDOT number is needed when renewing tabs or transferring titles for many commercial vehicles.

Yelm Community Services became a vehicle and vessel title and licensing sub-agency in 1978.  Today, Yelm Community Services is one of nine sub-agents located in Thurston County and one of just a few nonprofit organizations in the State of Washington who provide vehicle and vessel title and licensing.

When you renew your tabs or transfer your title at Yelm Community Services, you are providing a unique form of public support for your community’s food bank.  Since 1978, the primary source of revenue for all activities of the agency has been generated from customers, like you, who buy their tabs and transfer their titles at Yelm Community Services.

When you buy your tabs here, you are helping to give a bag of groceries to a senior in need.  You are helping to buy gifts for kids during the holiday.

Why not buy your tabs here and do a good turn for someone in your neighborhood?