Vehicle Licensing

To Renew Your Tabs On-line:  Please be sure to renew your tabs at Yelm Community Services.  Your support helps to provided funding for after-school, late night and summer youth activities for 7-12 year-olds and for Great Escapes Day Camp.  Your support helps to provide funding for the food bank and the emergency homeless shelter.  Please support Yelm Community Services!!!

To Report Your Vehicle Sale On-line:
Why file a report of sale?  The report of sale does NOT transfer ownership, but will release you from legal liability if you file the report properly.  If you do not file a report of sale, you may be held liable for parking tickets, impound fees and other financial liabilities incurred by the new owner until they transfer the title into their name.  For more information, or to file on-line, please go to:

What is the $5 State Parks fee on my Tab Renewal Notice?
When you receive your vehicle license tab renewal notice from the Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL), you’ll notice a $5 donation for state parks included in your bill.  The 2009-11 budget passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor says state parks will remain open if adequate funds are collected through the program. If you don’t wish to donate, simply subtract the $5. For more information, please go to

Special License Plates:
Top view the unique designs and to get informed on how to obtain a specialized plate:

To obtain a USDOT number on-line:
To obtain a USDOT number online from the U.S. Department of Transportation.  The USDOT number is needed when renewing tabs or transferring titles for many commercial vehicles.

Thurston County Auditor’s Office:

Yelm Community Services became a vehicle and vessel title and licensing sub-agency in 1978.  Today, Yelm Community Services is one of nine sub-agents located in Thurston County and one of just a few nonprofit organizations in the State of Washington who provide vehicle and vessel title and licensing.

When you renew your tabs or transfer your title at Yelm Community Services, you are providing a unique form of public support for your community’s social service and youth activity programs.  Since 1978, the primary source of revenue for all activities of the agency has been generated from customers, like you, who buy their tabs and transfer their titles at Yelm Community Services.

When you buy your tabs here, you are helping to give a bag of groceries to a senior in need.  You are helping to buy gifts for kids during the holiday.  You are purchasing some school supplies for a child starting back to school.  You are providing for art supplies and field trips for kids attending our agency’s day camp.

Why not buy your tabs here and do a good turn for someone in your neighborhood?